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my first vbs script


    I want to apply vbs script  via kaseya,

    Can somebody help me how I can create the procedures in kaseya as I am not much familiar with it.


    Please find the stepwise snapshot of my procedure below





    this script does nothing but just open a dialog box with a message like below but its not successful. Please help if I am missing anything.



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  • Well, there are number of things you can do.  In the last step, try executing #agentdir#test.vbs instead c:\test.vbs.

    But since you are just getting started, perhaps I can offer some helpful suggestions:

    First, try using the procedure log to capture what is going on during the script.  I make extensive use of it in my scripts.  For example, the very first step in most of my scripts is a "Write Procedure Log Entry".  In in the box labeled "Enter the comment for the procedure log entry" I put something like this:

    Starting script:  Test

    After your first step where you create he variable, I would insert another "Write Procedure Log Entry" step that logs the value of the #agentdir# variable.  In the comment box, put:

    agentdir variable = #agentdir#

    Your "Write File" statement is fine, but I would drop the "Always True" statement.  It is not necessary.

    I've never used the "Execute Vbscript" command.  I think it got added to Kaseya recently.  Try using the "Execute Shell Command - Get Results to Variable" instead with this as the command:

    c: & cd #agentdir# & cscript /nologo test.vbs

    Then add a step after it to write the resulting variable to the procedure log too.  Use this as the comment:

    results = #global:cmdresults#

    Finally, write a procedure log entry to indicate that the script execution made it to the final step.  Create one final "Write Procedure Log Entry" with this as the comment:

    Script finished!