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Powershell in Kaseya

  • I'm having real difficulty using kaseya to run any usefull Powershell scripts on clients. I have managed to run a really simple script to test the functionality using the following parameters:

    • Step type: Execute Powershell
    • Enter path of the powershell: C:\test.ps1

    As long as the file is in place, this works fine. My issue is attempting to run any powershell script which would usually require the following command if run localy:

    powershell.exe -PSConsoleFile C:\Progra~1\VMware\Infrastructure\vSpher~1\vim.psc1 C:\Progra~1\VMware\Infrastructure\Virtua~1\scripts\vCheck5.ps1 servername

    I cant seem to find any way to get kaseya to run this command on the target machine, no matter what 'Step Type' I choose.

    Any help on this would be appreciated, going round in circles and losing what little hair I have left. Confused

  • I would use the full path using " " marks for a start to see if this helps.