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Exchange (2007/2010) Information store size

  • Anyone have a working script that will output the size of exchange info stores?


    I looked through old forums and found one from 2005 but doesnt seem to work (even when testing on exchange 2003).

  • Procedure Exchange Mailbox Database Size.xml

    Here's what we use. Works on Exchange 2003/2007/2010 and emails the engineer that called the script

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  • Can you also send me the .ps1 and .vbs files?

  • Exchange Mailstore Sizes.zip

    Always forgetting about dependencies

  • When I try to import the script, I get the XML format error. Isn't there something you have to change to copy/paste and import scripts? Seems like it had to do with utf-8?

  • I was able to import the script no problem. I testing it out now

  • Do i have to edit the .ps1 file at all to include the location of the output file?

  • No, the command that calls the PowerShell script tells it to write the output of powershell to the Working Agent Directory, so the scripts don’t need to be modified and work globally.

    billmccl: Are you importing the XML file or copy/pasting? I have frequent issues with copy/paste and have to use XML Marker to do so.

  • @jlumbert - those scripts are brilliant.  Thanks for sharing

  • Great Script!!!

  • One more thing. This script give you the size of any .edb files but doenst include the .stm files which sometimes can make up a big part of the mailbox info store.

    Is there any way to have the script include those files? If not possible or very hard to do i can live without it.

  • The VB script combines the EDB files and the STM files to account for the total size of the DB. Exchange 2007 & 2010 do away with STM files altogether.

  • Exchange stm screenshot.png

    In 07/10 they did get rid of the .stm files but the files still exist as separate files within one folder. See attached screenshot.

    Guess its not a big deal to monitor this because im not running this script for drive space but rather because exchange runs into problems when info store (.edb) is larger than 125GB.

  • works a treat, thanks.

    Any way to examine the size and raise a ticket if it is at a threshold?

  • This has been at the back of my mind for a bit, only thing i could think of would be to use the Log Parser to parse the data and raise a flag if above a certain level, but haven't had time to poke at it. Would also be nice to examine Trending to find out how fast the DB is growing.

    Alternatively, I'd like to write that information to the Executive Summary for an at-a-glance view.