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Script checking if Symantec Endpoint Protection AV is outdated two or more days and putting only those machines in report

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I am new to Kaseya and I need to create a script checking if Symantec Endpoint Protection AV version 11 is outdated two or more days.

It should scan more than 150 machines with mixed OS (XP, Vista,7) and put only machines with outdated AV on the report.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

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  • You can script this and it is using the WMI option to check this and once you able to check the state Im sure you will be able to put a alarm in two check this on a daily basis and if it fails twice in two days to alarm you. Please refer to this post to get you started. community.kaseya.com/.../57536.aspx


  • I too am looking for a solution to server AV monitoring - unfortunately, that older post is a dead end, since the 1.1 version was at megaupload which is now gone. Anyone have any pointers?