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"Skip if Offline" column in Agent Procedure Schedule screen

  • Hi all,

    I cant work out how to show a column in the Agent Procedure Schedule screen to show which agents have been scheduled to skip if offline.  To find this out I have to go into Live Connect, and this makes it very time consuming if you need to find out for multiple agents.  Has anyone got this enabled?




  • No responses to my post about there being no column in the Agent Procedure scheduling window that shows which agents have "skip if offline" enabled.  Is this something that people want?  How else do you easily check to see if agents have "skip if offline" enabled without having to go into Live Connect.

    Look forward to feedback...


  • i virtually never use the skip if offline anyway as in most cases is i want to run a script i want it to run.

    but you do raise a good point and also where is no way to see an exclude window after it's scheduled to run