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Best way to implement BGINFO?

  • Hi! Would like to have Computer Name visible on the customers desktop, and we have used bginfo in the old kaseya, but i would like to know the best way to get it to work in Kaseya 6? Or if there is anouther way to get the computer name on the desktop?

  • is there a reason why you don't use it anymore after upgrading to K6? when U used to use bginfo, you still can...

  • Well, we have a brand new K2 server, and we didnt import anything. And I was not the guy that set up bginfo from the beginning. So if you could helpl me set it up in the best way, I would be thankful.

  • I put together a quick procedure to do this.  


  • The easiest way is to get the user to hover over the kaseya icon and on the second line it will say the computer name of the user so you can find and help them.

  • The easiest way for the user is that the name is on there Desktop. The hoovering is OK, but if I can get BGINFO to work, then it would be better. I thank "sbrown", but I do need some more help with this. Do i need the create everything in your procedure? And if so, could you please take a screenshot with better quality? Thanks in advance.

  • Sorry..Didnt understood that you had the procedure in the thread. I will test the file, and report back...Thanx again..

  • Now its all up and running..Thanx guys...