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Not sure if this is possible

  • I had a client come to ma and ask this specific question. 

    On multiple computers I want to verify if a certain user is logged in at 9 pm.  If this user is logged in I want to run a script that will kill specific processes.

    I am fairly new to Kaseya and I'm not sure if this can even be accomplished with this software.  Any help or suggestions about this issue are appreciated.

  • If you have Server 2008, you might be able to do a Software Restriction policy with a time span target. (I've never set anything up like this before.)

    Software Restriction: technet.microsoft.com/.../bb457006.aspx

    Time span target: www.windowsitpro.com/.../q-how-can-i-apply-a-group-policy-during-only-certain-parts-of-the-day-

    From a Kaseya standpoint, you would likely need a recurring script that checks the currently logged on user and kills the processes you want. You can use the Exclude options when you go to schedule it so that it doesn't run during the day or whatever.

  • Hi Tom,

    This is no problem for Kaseya and is done all the time. All you need is a basic script like below and then to schedule this script to run at 9pm on the computers you want.