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Transfer file, file not showing up on target machine

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I have a procedure which runs on machine 1. During this procedure, a text file is generated which needs to be copied to machine 2.

According to the agent procedure log, the file is copied succesfully and the procedure completes succesfully. The problem is, I don't see the copied file on machine 2.

Attached is a screenshot of the procedure log, which clearly states the file is copied to the Kserver, the target machine is online and the transfer from the Kserver to the target machine starts. However, somehow this doesn't seem to work while the procedure completes succesfully.


Does anyone have any idea what's wrong and how to fix this issue?

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  • It seems like your file is copied to the server, but not to "machine 2".

    If you share your script, we could take a look at it.

  • Stefan, I'll get with you directly on this one. Please create a support ticket and it should be routed to me.

  • Somehow the file shows up on machine 2, without any changes made.

    Ben, I'll keep this in mind if I see this happen again.