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Wake on LAN

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We are seeing an issue with the "Power up if offline (Requires Wake-On-LAN or vPro and another managed system on the same LAN)" option in the agent proceedure scheduler. Specifically we have a client that has multiple locations connected via MPLS, they all share a single internet gateway, but are each on different IP subnets. When we schedule a proceedure using this option, the machines at the remote sites don't get woken up correctly. Digging into this further shows that the script that *should* have woken the machines actually got run on a server at the headquarters site, which is *not* on the same subnet. There are servers at each of the sites within their own LAN, so in theory if this worked correctly, it would have had a machine within the same LAN that it could have used.

Am I missing something simple in the configuration, or does this just not work correctly?

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  • I should also mention, the remote sites are in separate "subgroups".  For example, the HQ site is client.main while the remotes are client.remote1 and client.remote2, so it's not even picking a server within the same machine subgroup.