Hi Community, 

Can i ask for a favor? 

I need to get my Powershell scripts (and the ones i have stolen from here) work and executing properly. 

I have seen there are multiple threads are these parts with a "this is how you do it". Almost all of them give different solutions.

Could i request someone from Kaseya, or HardKnox, Danarche or jduyk or someone that knows it well, to write a whitepaper on it? 

Either a high level or low level doco explaining how to go from having a script to executing it with Kaseya would be awesome to share with the community

Every subsequent post on the forums that asks for it can be referred to the whitepaper.

The only reason i ask is because i know there are cavaets with versions of Windows, running as particular accounts and so on. 

Eager to hear from you all :) If anyone wants to take it on i'd appreciate it a lot! For those suspecting i am being a leach, go to simpleit.tumblr.com and check out some of the stuff i have done for the community ;) (Quality leaves a bit to be desired but i am always happy to share)

cheers all, Mark.