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how to GET custom field values

  • Hi

    I want to GET the value of a custom field. Normally I would use something like database_view/Field_name however custom fields appear to be different.

    The help says the custom fields are in the vSystemInfoManual database view. There is then a record for each machine and a field for the custom field name and another for its value. As such the usual database_view/field_name wont work.

    What I feel I need to do is the equivilent of a "select fieldvalue from vSystemInfoManual where machineID=THISMACHINE" or something. 



    Basically I want to put the value of a custom field in to a variable in order to assess it and act on it.


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    The only way I know how to do this is to read the Custom into a Procedure Variable like this;

    Get Variable > SQL View Data > vSystemInfoManual/(your custom field name here)

  • Also, just FYI... some additional notes about querying Custom Fields if the value is null (empty): http://community.kaseya.com/xsp/f/28/p/12262/61188.aspx#61188