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Script triggered by event log entry

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm trying to setup a procedure where we monitor for a specific event log entry and when it is detected, to have a specific service restarted. I don't necessarily want to generate an alert for us to review, I would like the event detection to automatically trigger the service restart.

    I could use some pointers on the most efficient/least complicated way to set this up. I'm having a little trouble getting the ball rolling.



  • That is pretty easy to setup. You will first need to create the event monitor set to watch for the specific event(s) that need to trigger this script. Have this event set only watch for this one event, not any others.

    Apply the event set to the machine(s) and instead of setting to create a ticket or email, just have it run a script. Click the link to select your script and leave it set to 'on this machine' and apply.


    Depending on what exactly is happening, you may just be able to run a service restart script, or use service monitoring to watch for the service to stop?

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