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Kaspersky Uninstall Script

  • Good Day

    We have a company with over 200 Kaspersky Antivirus that was installed via The Admin Kit

    Now what we will be using the KAV from Kaseya we would need to remove all the installations and doing it manually would be a tedious procedure.


    Does someone perhaps know of a script we can run via Kaseya to uninstall all the Kaspersky Antivirus software?


    Secondly would there be a way to distribute the KAV via a server through the network instead of having to download KAV via the internet on every machine?

    Thank's In Advance




  • Hi

    I don't have a script but I removed Kaspersky via the Kaspersky admin console

    and you can remove the Kaspersky network agent with klngntcl.exe

  • Thank you Pim will give the removal via the Admin console a try

    Can you point me in the right direction as to where on the admin console I will find that function?

    thanks again.

  • Did you figure this out? I'm in the same boat right now and i tried the uninstall from the admit kit but doesn't seem to work

  • Hi, if you want to uninstall kaspersky  then go to start button of your PC and click on control panel and go to all program from where you can uninstall kaspersky antivirus.Ones i removed Kaspersky via the Kaspersky admin console.


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  • Hi, I'm sure there is a Kaspersky un-installer out there, as there is with most AV products, I haven't come across a situation where we have needed to use it yet. If so, you can just create an agent procedure to copy the file over to the relevant workstations, execute silently (if supported) and prompt for a reboot (or just reboot!), that would give you some degree of automation over a manual process. In terms of downloading files to a repository and distributing internally, it isn't natively in KAV 1.3 I don't believe but I heard that it may well be in KAV 1.4. I was actually reading a thread yesterday on here where there was a workaround via two agent procedures where you could distribute the install files to local machines before install and when installing via the KAV module it checks if the files exist before downloading, so no more pesky 200mb downloads all over the place!

  • Here you go - support.kaspersky.com/.../install