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How to use Kaseya to run something on the kserver itself but specifying a group name? e.g. to create a group-specific installset ready to deploy

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There are some cases where, to set up an installset for a particular group of machines, I have to run a program which takes what you might call the "base" installset as input and specifies the group name as a parameter, and which outputs the group-specific installset.

I know how to then use agent procedures to use that installset on machines in the group. That's not a problem.

I'm just not sure how, or if I even can, create that installset from within Kaseya. e.g. set up Kaseya so that you just select a machine in group groupname and somehow tell the system, "create the installset for groupname (optionally: and name it using groupname) and put the result in webpages\managedfiles\vsasharedfiles".

Is there any way to do this, or do people just have to (e.g.) run a batch file outside kaseya and type in the group name by hand?

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  • You can run your batch file using an agent procedure and prompt for user input for the group name.  That would be the same as you running the batch file from the command prompt of the KServer itself.