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Script to remove Trend Micro

  • Good find, Eddy. Thanks for sharing that.

  • Eddy,

    When i ran this tool it did not completely remove Trend. There was still one trend service running. Does the computer need to be restarted before its fully removed?

  • sometimes its like we all have the same issues at the same time.

    I have this as a task to complete and hoping this works which will save me a lot of time.


  • my joy was short lived.

    Getting this when importing

    Any clues anyone?

  • NIKNAKS456,

    Any more luck with this script?

  • just got it working, cut and paste the contents of the script into the import window instead of directly importing.

    Worked well for me.

  • Importing the script wasnt my problem. The script itself doesnt work to fully remove Trend...

  • in what way did it not remove trend.

    I had to reboot but other than that my windows 8 version removed fine.  Have you downloaded the link in the authors post?  Then copied the uncompressed contents to your VSA in the right folder structure?

  • Ill need to try it again. I didnt download from his link but i used the same trend removal tool in my script.

    There were 4/5 different Trend micro services running. I ran the script and saw all go away except "Trend Micro Client\Server Security Agent." The program also remained in add/remove.

    Maybe his script does something different that mine didnt. Ill give it another try.

  • yes your right, just checked the services - same as you.

    Anyone got the next steps?

  • I think the Security Agent is not an actual anti-virus engine, but a small program that tells the AV which server manages it. You should be able to remove it with the typical MSI uninstall routine.

  • requires a password to remove on my version

  • msiexec /x {BED0B8A2-2986-49F8-90D6-FA008D37A3D2}

    but still need a password

  • You should be able to browse into the AgentRemoval folder and run AgentRemoval.bat as administrator. This won't prompt you to reboot and you should be able to see if the script is failing to remove anything when manually run.

  • no dice, same outcome and no issues to report