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Script to capture performance data at time of indecent at attach it to a email/ticket

  • Recently I was at a Kasey event and the presenter demonstrated a scenario where a user was reporting a slow computer and clicked to create a ticket in their Live connect screen.  The ticket sysem was set to parse the new tick and if it contained the word slow it would kick off an agent procedure that collected a ton of diagnostic information an attached it to the ticket.

     Has any one seen this or know how it would be created.  

    It included some basic information such as machine name, domain and ip address.  It also included ping time to the LAN gateway, internet addresses and traceroute,  task manager data including CPU utilization and process memory usage.

    I have not found anything in the resources section and the automation toolkit has one to capture the task manager stuff but not mush else.

    It would be nice when I get a alam for CPU over 75% for 10 minutes to know what was using the CPU at that time. 



  • Hi Linus,

    What you're referring to is done through the automation procedures in the Service Desk.  With the Service Desk, you can have Kaseya perform just about any action and store it in a ticket.  There were some Webinars done on this subject a while back.  Below is a link for a Best Practices on SD Webinar.  Also search the Resource section and forums for lots of ideas.


    - Max

  • hi max just tried to launch that I got a "Group Not Found" error message.

  • Strange, I just clicked on it and it worked fine for me.  I wonder if its a permissions issue.  To confirm, just go to the Resource section.  I believe the Webinar is on page 2 or 3 and is titled "Kaseya Unplugged Webinar: Service Desk Implementation"

  • Yeah i can see the page and the item but on the resource there is the link "Click Here" it says to view it but when I do this I get the message .

    This is the link it tries to load


  • Yes, that link is definitely broken.  Let me see if I can get it fixed.  

  • Linked fixed.  Sorry about that.



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  • Thanks for the link.  I finally had time to watch it.  Our service desk is all set up and I get the automation sub procedure.  What I was looking for is an agent procedure to capture the task manager or resource monitor data or pipe the out put of traceroute and attach it to the ticket.  If an alarm creates a ticket there is a ton of use full information that only exists at the time the event happens.