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Execute as the Logged on User vs Execute as the System Account

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What's the difference between the two options? I know from past experience that, despite using admin privileges certain scripts would not work with "Execute as the Logged on User" bubble (like scripts that would grab system information i.e ram size).

One thing that I noticed is that Execute as the Logged on User appears to abide by the "Impersonate User" and Set Credential for "Use user logon credentials". Am I right about that?

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  • The difference is permissions and it really isn't any more complicated than that.

    Most of the time, we prefer to run scripts as SYSTEM because the local system has more rights than an administrator on the computer. However, there are exceptions like network shares. We cannot necessarily use a local system account for some computer to access a standard Windows network share.

    There are also times where we MUST run as the user. For example, when we need to make changes to their profile or the HKEY_CURRENT_USER hive.

  • Splendid explanation sir. Thank you! A+ 10/10