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Custom deployment of agent

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Good day


I would like to know if it is possible to have a custom deployment of the Kaseya agent. What I would like to do is:


  • Deploy the agent with an already custom name in the Windows Programs menu so instead of it reading Kaseya it should read XYZ for example
  • Also, is it possible to write a procedure to a template that when deploying the agent that it should run a script to remove the agent froma dd/remove programs, the startup menu as wel if needed. What I am not sure here also is, can one do all these procedures, apply it to a template with some delays etc?

I hope I gave enough info for this question, if not Ill gladly elaborate more.


Thanking everyone in advance.



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  • Johan, it will require a script to change or remove Kaseya from the program menu,  add/remove programs, and/or services.  Most of these scripts should be able to be found in Benjamin Lavalley's IT Automation Script Pack.

    Everything you are asking for can be done.