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Question on variables and working directory

  • When I click on an agent procedure, I notice a section called "Manage Variables". When I click on the drop down box under "Select Variable", I see an option of <>(Pub). Should that be the same directory as what I designate on the Agent tab under "Working Directory"?

    I will go into an agent procedure to edit it, and I see references to <ktemp>, so is that what the <>(Pub) directory is, and then what I set to the Working Directory?

    Should <>(Pub), <ktemp>, and Working Directory all be the same folder?


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  • Agent variables are not directories, they're place holders for data. The (Pub) means it's a public variable (can be used on any VSA Admin), not to be confused with Public or Global variables in Scripting or programming languages.

    You can create (Priv) variables as well (Private) which are only to be used by you. in the set variable value you can give it any static data you like and call on it within the scripts without having to "DECLARE" it 1st (or create the variable with a get variable step in the procedure)

    hope I didn't confuse you with this.

  • Managed Variables are pretty handy when writing Agent Procedures, I have made sets to use with;

    • Agent settings (Kaseya ID, Custom Agent Name, Agent Download URLs)
    • File Share settings
    • Blackberry Enterprise server reboot synchronization with a Exchange server via the agent GUID
    • Exchange Server maintenance
    • Network settings (DNS servers, DHCP server, Gateway, RW-IP etc...)
    • Domain settings (Domain controller, Domain name etc...)
    • Messaging (email, popups or both)
    • Email Contacts (Customer IT contact, Account manager)
    • NOD32 Deployment settings
    • APPV settings
    • Customer's Company Name
    • Maintenance date and time info used with the messaging
    • SLA Agreements

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