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Shadow Protect Incremental Backup Prior to Patch Deployment

  • Hi All,

    After a lengthy Google search I have come up empty and hope that anyone here on the forums could assist.

    What we are trying to do is kick off an incremental backup in Shadow Protect prior to deploying patches to servers.

    I understand that Shadow Protect allows scripting however this is very limited and not well documented.

    How is everyone else doing this (if at all) and does anyone have any setup similar that is working well for them?

  • Im also looking to do the same in a VMWare Enviroment. We have quite a few clients using SP is this would be a very nice feature to figure out. ill do some diging on my side and post any of my findings here!

  • Just found this on the Shadow Protect Forum:

    "From the command-line, you can control every aspect of the service (ShadowProtectSvc.exe), which is the real man behind the curtain, using its Automation-compliant DCOM interface with a .VBS script.  For restore of the system volume, you'll need to reboot into the recovery environment.  For other restores, you can accomplish them through the DCOM interface."


    "We do have a number of sample scripts available. I do want to point out that the usage and customization of these scripts is completely unsupported. Because of that we don't want to simply post them out here on the forum for everyone to see. If you can submit a technical support case, we'd be happy to send them to you."

    Im going to open a case adn see what i can get my hands on!

    Source: forum.storagecraft.com/.../6377.aspx

  • That's more then I ever got out of them, good to know though...

  • If you search the SP forums long enough you can get into some interesting stuff. I put in script backup and some helpful results came up.

    However, I didn't delve into it deep enough to see if you would need to customise the script for each machine. If this is the case it may be more effort than it is worth :)