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Uninstall a program

  • Hey,

    I have an uninstall string and was wondering if I could use this to uninstall a program using an agent procedure.  This is what I have:

    c:\program files\mcafee\managed virusscan\agent\myinx /script=c:\program files\mcafee\managed virusscan\vsasap.inx/section=defaultuninstall

    The subscription for McAfee is about to run out and we want to remove it so that we can install AVG.  Any suggestions are welcome.

    Thank you for your help. 

  • use an agent procedure and execute file step

  • community.kaseya.com/.../12399.aspx

    Check here, Brendan just posed a great hotwo on removing installed programs via GUID with Kaseya

  • Thanks Dan!

  • but It is not works when I want to uinstall aplication using the command It is notworks

  • @Avanty:

    Could you try a slightly different approach? Steps are given below:

    1. Find the "uninstall" registry key that corresponds to the application you like to uninstall. For example, the "uninstall" regkey will look like this:





    a) Some applications may create 'uninstall' registry key under WOW6432 hive on 64 bit machines only. So, you need to determine the reg key based on certain conditions like 64 or 32 bit machine, where the app creates it's "uninstall" reg key. Just pick up a 32 bit machine and a 64 bit machine where this application has been installed and find out the "uninstall" reg key hive.

    b) In the above registry key samples, the GUID represents a specific application uniquely. In your case, the GUID will be different as each application will be having a different GUID.

    c) This GUID may be different per release of the application you like to uninstall. For example: v1.0, v2.0 may have different GUIDs. In some cases, v1.0 and v1.5 could also have different GUIDs. It is completely depends on how the vendor has designed their installers.

    2. Once you identified the "uninstall" registry hive with GUID, just look for "UninstallString" child-property on the left-side panel in registry editor. It will give you the command that you need to execute to uninstall that specific application. Find the sample picture for your reference...the uninstall-command is shown encircled in red color. But remember that you need to find the the registry hive that is similar to the encircled in blue color for  your application that need to be uninstalled.

    3. Write an agent procedure to run the uninstall-command as is on target computers. The command should most likely be the same for both 32 and 64 bit machines but it is good to ensure that at first.

    Better luck!



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  • Here is the screenshot I missed to attach in last post.

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