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I have tried writing a procedure to call wdsutil to to initialize and perform a few setup commands. But, it continuously fails. The output back from wdsutil is only "ÿþ". The script is set to be executed in a 64bit shell ( command is not found in 32bit shell )

The command can run fine from console.  Has anyone experienced anything else like this? After a few days of playing around, the ONLY way I could get it to work properly was to put all commands in a .cmd file. Call each wdsutil command with:

cmd /c "wdsutil ......"

I then schedule that script to be executed 5 minutes in the future through the windows scheduler.  It works, but now I have to write a procedure to parse the output I saved from the AT scheduled task, to verify all commands completed successfully.

Anyways, this is not the first command I have found to have failed in such a manner in 64bit environments. Usually I have dismissed the problem or found very simple ways to get things working - but with wdsutil i had to spend a few days figuring out a way to get this to work. I figured it was worth a post.


I'm not a windows guy - much more of a Linux admin, and only been messing with kaseya for a few months, so if you have any ideas, discuss on.