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Installing MSI Packages to Windows7 PC's

  • I have an MSI Package that I'm trying to push out to some Windows XP SP3 and Windows7 PC's (all systems are 32-bit).

    Problem: The *.msi file is moved to the default location on the workstation but it does not appear to be running (tested out an XP SP3 pc and Win7 pc).


    I'm using Agent Procedures > Installer Wizards > Application Deploy

    The wizard creates the package deployment and gives it the /q switch

    I then run it from the Agent Procedures > Manage Procedures > Schedule / Create

    ----The file ends up at the default location but it just doesn't seem to run. Any suggestions? I'm going back and trying it without the /q switch on the XP machine now. (install is using "system account" for install.


  • Try using /qb.

  • Rather, you might use /qn.  Short for quiet and no user interface.