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procedure for checking day of week not working

  • Procedure New weekly script.xml


  • i have this script and the test file is not working just would like to know if some one would know why this tested is not working.

    the batch file is only one line to make a text file with date in it

    this is what is in the batch file echo %date% %time% > c:\temp\log.txt

  • Jonathan, I don't see in your procedure where you "get Varaible file content"   I may have overlooked it if it's there.

    But considering just using 'Execute Shell Command - Get Results to Variable' and parse the variable that way with the echo %date% %time%

    it may work quicker and better for you.

  • Have a look at this post;


  • HA .... HardKnoX did the work for you! Nice