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Dealing with UAC - What do you do?

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What is the best way to handle UAC popups?


I've created an Office 2010 silent deployment script that is flawless except for the Microsoft Setup Bootstrapper UAC notification...  All but that stands in my way of silent upgrades.  What do you guys do about UAC notifications?  Do they go away if I run the installer as the system account, or does that cause other unknown effects?



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  • I use a registry setting


    and set it to 0..   To re-enable it set it to 1..  

    This still shows a ballon notification that you must restart to disable the UAC - but it is real quick and can be ignored...

  • Have you reviewed this thread in the old forum?


    FYI ... Eric

  • Paul,

    I stumbled across that registry setting in my research.  What I was hoping to avoid though was the reboot.  It works, but what I also found was that running the setup.exe as the system user rather than the logged in user circumvents the need to disable UAC altogether.  My script is now working for both upgrades and fresh installs, which leads me to address Eric Macy's comment....


    That post is actually what I used as my template for creating my script.  I found a couple 'problems' with it- Maybe not 'problems', but observations to consider...

    In my opinion there isn't enough of a safe-guard to prevent the script from re-running itself over and over and over again, which led the script to recursively calling itself over and over when it was failing.  I observed *my* problem to be related to the user credential impersonation - Because our netlogon script automagically maps our network shares, using other credentials to access the same share caused a halt due to Windows' limitation in multi-user-same-share access issues.  I worked around that by removing the user credential impersonation step, as all of our users that will be getting the deployment have read-onyl rights to the Office Fileshare.

    Secondly, I found this script paramount to my understanding of how to flow logic through Kaseya script.  I attribute it somewhat like PHP progamming where you're working in a stateless environment so to speak, so getting creative with writing ECHO's to a file then parsing them really overcomes that hurdle.  Without that forum post and the examples provided, I wouldn't have found success.  I dissected the script and re-wrote it for *our* needs, and it's working great.  There's some potential feature-creep in my head which I'm not going to work in, but I'm not too worried about that right now.  Office 2010 deploys and upgrades from 2007 without any issue, so many thanks to Ben over @ Kaseya for his pioneering the template!

  • Glad to hear you figured it out..    When I use the registry fix above - I actually don't reboot..   I disable it - run my procedures, then re-enable it..   Seems to work..   I'll have to try the run as system...

    I haven't looked at the script then Ben posted - but to safe guard scripts from re-running - I also use a custom registry setting that my scripts check before running...   I don't know if that applies to you in this case but I thought I would put it out there...