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Report Needed to find items

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I'm in desparate need of a report run against about 100 machines that will give me, by machine:

* any file whose name matches *personal*.pst
* any .pst with any name where a parent folder's name (any levels up) contains the word "personal"

Ideally, it would be a single report of each machine showing the path of the results since we need to search about 100 machines

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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  • Procedure Find PSTs - Mail to specified recipient.xml


    We use something similar on a regular basis for various reasons.

    If you amend the attached procedure once you've imported it. You'll just need to substitute #searchdrive#*.pst with #searchdrive#*personal*.pst though you could just run it as is and unless they have lots of PST's it shouldn't return too much data.

    It prompts you for a user to email the results to and also puts an entry in the proecedure log. This then allows you to use the Agent Procedure Log report to filter on just the procedure name.

    Probably not as tidy as you'd like but it works very well.


  • THANK YOU!!!