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Suspend Monitoring on a Kaseya Patch initiated reboot

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Has anyone got a way of suspending monitoring for when kaseya performs a post-patch reboot on a server.

Getting way too many alerts that are un-necessary for services stopped, stop-pending etc  that really arnt needed.


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  • A server really should not be set to just reboot whenever Kaseya decides patching is done. I highly suggest scheduling a maintenance window (nightly, weekly) where patches install at a specific time, and then 2-4 hours later there is a reboot scheduled at a specific time. The reboot can be via script or patch reboot setting, but specifiy the setting and then suspend alarms based off of that.

  • We do what Jon suggested. We patch our servers on Saturday night starting around 11pm, and then have reboots scheduled between 3-5am Sunday morning, with alarms suspended for all servers during that reboot window.

  • I put in a feature request last year (March 12, 2010) for a "Suspend Alarms" script step...