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Delay Scheduled Script if

  • I am wondering if anyone could help me out with this.  Here is the problem I am running in to.

    I have a script that checks for services and runs down a nested IF tree.  If it gets to the bottom of the script without finding any of the services, then the else command sends out an email.

    Simple enough.


    The problem I have is that so far, I have this script scheduled to run every 4 hours and skip if offline.  Therefore, it will send an email every 4 hours when it runs.  What I want to do is to have the script not send the email for something like 5 days if it just sent an email.

    Any ideas?



  • Instead of sending the email from the script, you could write your own event. Then create an event set for it and make the re-arm time 5 days.

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  • Thanks!  That will work.  Already got it set up.