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Ninite updates and adobe reader

  • Hello,

       I am trying to create a script and I seem to be having trouble.  I have downloaded two Ninite packages. One package has Java,Flash, and reader. The other package just had java and flash. I'm trying to create a script that will install package one unless Adobe Acrobat is on the machine. In which case it will install package two instead. I have tried using variables with no success. I have tried looking for the adobe acrobat registry key and that doesnt work either. It seems no matter what I do it installed the first package no matter what. Any and all help would be appreciated thank you.

  • Why bother?

    If adobe is already installed ninite won't reinstall it it will just update it. So just run the 2nd package in all cases.

  • Because not all of my clients have adobe acrobat. We run the ninite script weekly to update the named programs. I have been running into issues with reader and acrobat conflicting and/or fighting over PDF files. I am trying to avoid that by making this script.

  • Sorry i understand your issue now. Could you post how your if works so we can see why its not working.

    I assume you have something like

    Write niniteone.exe to machine

    If Full Blowen Acrobat registry exists

          Execute niniteone.exe /select Flash "Flash (IE)" Java


          Execute niniteone.exe /select Flash "Flash (IE)" Java Reader

    Is this how you are doing it?

  • Its like this.

    Ninite updates

    Registry KeyHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Adobe\Adobe Acrobat Does Not Exist

    Write filebytescomputer-lclark\Ninite_Flash_IE_Java_Installer.exe to %temp%\ninite.exe

    Execute%temp%\ninite.exe /silent as Execute as the system accountwithout waiting


    Write filebytescomputer-lclark\Ninite_Flash_IE_Java_Reader_Installer.exe to %temp%\ninite.exe

    Execute%temp%\ninite.exe /silent as Execute as the system accountwithout waiting

  • Hi lclark,

    I would suggest using niniteone as it is more useful that keeping copys of each install but if you don't have a paid subscription then i understand why you are doing what you are doing.

    With the registry check, what machine are you testing it on? Is it a 64 bit OS? If so you might need to do a 64 bit reg check.

    Our 64 citrix server has adobe acrobat 9 pro on it and it does not have the key you are looking for. The closest thing is this key below.

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\Acrobat.exe

    You could use the kaseya exe scan to check if adobe pro is installed. under %kaseyainstall%\appAuditCache.txt you check if it contains the string 'Adobe Acrobat'

  • community.kaseya.com/.../59077.aspx


  • In case you missed it, Kaseya announced an OEM relationship with Ninite this morning.


  • Must admit it would be good to see Kaseya focus more on making the stuff that they already have invested in work properly before they divert engineering resources to part integrate another product.

  • I think Peter we would all agree with that however it seems to be a common model out in the software world that the more value add you have the more sales you get and the minor issues of the product actually doing what it is supposed to is not on the Sales / Marketing agenda.

  • I will add also in defense of Kaseya (not very often this does happen) the act of integrating thisis a no brainer considering lots of us are already using it or thinking about using it so if you can fast track this into the kaseya platform why not if it saves us hours of scripting then I am up for that.

  • From what I've been told Kaseya don't actually do a great deal of the work it's mostly left to the software vendor, Ninite in this case, but I'd heard about this in relation with Appassure.  To me this seems the ideal solution - Kaseya provide the framework and the vendor then knits their product into the Kaseya 'console'.  Yes there needs to be some integration but it puts the majority of the work onto the software vendor.  I'd be surprised if there weren't other companies knocking down the Kaseya door to use it this way.

    Personally really looking forward to this addition to the pot as Ninite is an app I rave about but due to the amount of devices we support we've hung off the full product due to potential costs so hopefully this will be sensibly priced and we can use for all out customers.

    Is this the first of this weeks announcements?

  • Let's just hope the ~$0.20 we pay now per endpoint for ninite pro it doesn't turn into $5 per endpoint with Kaseya just because it has a snazzy interface built into the vsa :)

    Cause let's face it, while integration would be nice, if it costs more, it's nothing I can't do like I'm doing now with a few procedures.

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  • AppAssure's Replay product was integrated by Appassure's own development team through our third party program.

    The Ninite partnership is an OEM deal similar to what we have with Acronis, Kaspersky and AVG to make up our respective Backup, Anti-Virus and KES modules.

    We're doing the work to create the module, leveraging the Ninite 'engine' similar to how we use the Windows Update process under the hood with our Patch Management module.

    I can write procedures all day with both hands tied behind my back to update any app I want with or without Ninite Pro, but that is FAR different from having true policy-based management of new installations or updates to common third party applications, complete with dashboards, alerts, reports, etc, all within a simple to use module.

    I don't know what the pricing will be once it is released, but if updating common apps is important to you (hopefully it is considering new vulnerabilities for Flash or Reader come out just about every other week now) I am confident you'll value the module enough to buy it once you see what it provides.

  • I'm in the process off creating a generic script/procedure template package e that includes download, audit and deploy that I can report on. I'm using Ben's Meta data method (thanks Ben) with a bit of a twist of my own so I think I will skip Ninite and keep it old school :D

    All I really need is a proper method of generating alerts in agent procedures that works 100% of the time and then I need to figure out how to use MS SQL Report Builder to make my own custom reports with pie charts, graphs etc...

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