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Wake on LAN script

  • Hi guys

    Up to now Ive had my own wake on lan script, but needed to maintain all the MAC addresses of those machines that I wanted to wake.  I now want to use the new WoL functionality in the script scheduling.  I have just created a dummy procedure such as sending myself an email, and when scheduling ticking the box that says "Power up if offline".  The problem is I schedule this script on the machine I want to wake up, but the script sits behind other pending scripts in the queue, and as such never runs.

    How do you get these dummy WoL scripts to run immediately and to jump ahead of all other pending scripts?  Ive asked support for assistance and they've just told me to check it out on the forums.

    Any help would be appreciated



  • Was there any solution to this?  I believe I'm running into the same problem.