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write file - from agent not working

  • Helllo


    Im am trying to make a videolan install to the computer of one big company, and i want to use the comand "write file - from agent".

    Im leaving the videolan exe file on some servers, and i want the computers copy from those server the file.

    I have started configuring some variables with the server ipaddress, name.. etc etc

    But after filling the data "write file - from agent".procedures ask for with the variables and see that is not working (i get a success but there is no file copied), i have fill the data withoutthe variables and stil not working:


    Enter the Source agent - full name and group:



    Enter the full path and file name for the Source:



    Enter the full target agent path and file name: here i have tryed with everything:)


    #temp#\vlc.exe    <<<---- #temp# is a get variable


    I cant get working, anyone knows what im doing wrong?


    From the target machine i can see the files and folders of the source machine without any problem.





  • On the "Enter the full path and file name for the Source:" try using the full Windows path of the other machine (ie: c:\data\vlc.exe) rather than the UNC path.

  • I've cleaned up this step recently and we should be hotfixing my enhancements soon. I'll directly message you my fix to ensure it resolves your problem.

  • @Paulo I had tryed that too, and still not working, thanks anyway!

    @Ben oh, thanks!!m will be waiting for it :P

  • Is the 'Write Fiile - from Agent' or the 'Transfer File' working yet?

  • A hotfix was sent out last week for it. Make sure you're on at least hotfix level 19608, and if you find the step still isn't working, manually run a re-apply schema.

  • Can someone confirm the correct format for the "Enter the Source agent - full name and group" as Kaseya seems to have to groupname's , one is the reverse of the other


    machname.unnamed.root    and


    So which is correct