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Script Exclusions

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So I'm trying to use the exclude ability in scripts although for the life of me cannot figure it out.  I've scheduled a test script to run hourly although exclude the hours from 9am to 6pm, although it still runs during these times.  Has anyone had luck with exclusions?

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  • I have not needed to use it my self yet and found it rather limiting as you can't exclude days of the week. If it is still running even though you have set the exclusion then I would suggest you create a new test script that say messages you every X number of minutes schedule it against your machine with the exclusion time range and see what happens before the exclusion, during the exclusion and after the exclusion. Make sure to add a time stamp in your message and ff it still messages you during the exclusion then you have all the proof you need to confirm that the function is broken and to log a Issue ticket with Kaseya Support,

    Also, I have referred to this earlier post a few times with in regards how to deal with time in Kaseya;


    You could use the Get WMI Variable command to add a built-in time/day range exclusion with a few checks

  • Hi Josh,

    The steps outlined by HardKnoX are certainly great to verify and provide reproducable steps to our support team that they will need.  However, I tested on my system it is behaving as you describe which to me indicates a bug, so please report as such by opening a Kaseya Support ticket on the issue.