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Where do I find Kaseya's built in variables?

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Where do I find all the built in variable names, like #vagentconfiguration.Machine_GroupID#? Where does Kaseya list out all the availabe Kaseya variables?

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  • Check the help file, scroll down to Database views. That has everything you need :)

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  • i could, but my primary script is already quite large, and then if i need to change or tweak, i need to change the other scripts as well...   this way if i have 10 procedures that create specific accounts, they all call the same child proc to set the description.  If i ever need to change how the description gets updated, or change how i disable password expiration i do not need to update the 10 HUGE scripts, just one small one that does that specific job.

  • Glad you got it working mate

  • Thanks for this, this list has been a great resource for me. But I've been told by Kaseya tech support that "AgentTempDir" should be "agentTempDir."

  • Where exactly do I find the complete list of all built in variables?


  • Nevermind I found it.  Is there a built in variable for the organization name?

  • I wish!  You'll have to add another SQLRead-type XML file (look in Help for the location and format of this file) so you can use the SQLRead step to get the org name:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
    <queryDef label="Agent-GetAgentOrgName" sql="SELECT ref FROM kasadmin.org AS o JOIN machGroup AS g ON g.orgFK = o.id JOIN machNameTab AS m ON m.machGroupGuid = g.machGroupGuid WHERE m.agentGuid = #vAgentConfiguration.agentGuid#" />

  • hi,

    as we are speaking about variables, etc...

    does anybody know how you can retrieve forexample an exit code from the vbs into the agent proc ?


  • Thanks I will check this out.