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Automatic Updates (Patching) via Script

  • I've searched through the KB and can't seem to find an answer for this although have found several topics related.

    Does anyone know how to schedule an Automatic Update by way of script?  I know we can schedule a patch scan, but I'm looking to start the actual patching process.  I can't seem to find a usable system script or a way to kickoff the updates via monitoring...


  • Josh, under automatic updates you can schedule and kick off the patching, it's not an exact time frame but more of a round about time. it's the patching process. I think you may be looking for something else though as this seems to be obvious in the patch management tab. Can you elaborate if this isn't what your looking for?

  • Yeah, been doing patching for several years.  The problem is when we install new clients all of the scripts, scans and patching that was scheduled on the template runs immedately.  What I'd like to do is control patching with control files (the same way I control certain scripts).

    Make sense?