Along the same vein as Ronny's script for applying the work around for Microsoft Security Advisory 2501696 (, we've put a script pack up for anyone who wants it to audit, remediate and remove remediation across both 32bit and 64bit systems. I have even included a short video to explain the purpose of the script pack, and the value of what it does. You can check it out at:

Over the weekend I had several people ask me if the MHTML vulnerability even matters. The thing is, there is no such thing as absolutes when it comes to security. The goal is to mitigate risk to an acceptable level for your organization. Some people may be using IE through a TMG proxy, with users set up with Standard Users and IE in a trusted sandbox. Others may refuse to allow IE and prefer to run FireFox or Chrome, where the MHTML vulnerability does not apply. To them, the risk simply isn't there. The thing is, there is a good chance SOMEONE will be in a position to click on an untrusted link using IE when you don't expect it. So why fret about it and expose yourself to unneccessary risk, when the remediation is so simple, and impacts so little?

The goal of the script pack is to allow you to audit for potentially vulnerable machines, and apply the remediation accordingly. Although I know most in this forum are well versed in agent procedures and reporting, we have found a lot of Kaseya users aren't maximizing on what the platform can do. We hope you find the script pack useful, and the information on how to use it valuable. Please share the pack with anyone you think has a use for it.

Please feel free to extend the work if you can add more value. We didn't know how to export a report, or we would have even included that for you. Enjoy.

Dana Epp