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uninstall google chrome - un-install

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I have a fun one -

Google chrome installs to a folder with a version number in it - we'll need an agent procedure that can 'find' the installation, then run the setup.exe --uninstall

Here is a tiny bit of reference - http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/Chrome/thread?tid=15b3d9119be417d8&hl=en

Can anyone out there figure out how to do this without too much trouble?

I was going to start taking apart the find mp3 example - but thought I would check here first.


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  • Have a look in the registry for it you need to locate the installation path.

    This one works for some but not all;

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths

    The other one to look at is;


    Don't for get about the 64bit registry keys when you write the uninstall script. Smile

  • I am currently looking into a solution for this as well.  However the issue I have now is that Chrome prompts to delete the user browsing history.  After I run the setup.exe --uninstall.  I want the uninstallation of Chrome to be silent however I don't think there is a command line switch which helps me here.

    A thing to note is that you have to run the uninstallation from the setup.exe inside the install folder which resides in %systemroot%\users\%username%\appdata\...\installer\setup.exe  running the chrome.exe --uninstall does nothing.

  • Have a look at this:


    Follow those steps, then delete the C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome folder.

  • I appreciate both answers guys - sounds like I'll have to write the procedure, when I finish it I'll post it back here.  


    (give me a day or so..)

  • Procedure Uninstall Google Chrome.xml

    This may save you some time, this is what I've been using to uninstall Google Chrome.  You will have to get the .reg file from here (direct link) as the procedure pushes it down and executes it.  You could make a more complex script with no file push if you would like but I didn't have time before to do so.  Sometimes however this is not enough as the class association isn't reset so IE can handle things.   Since I can only do the one attachment I'll make a second post with the details of that script.

  • Procedure Reset Default Browser.xml

    As I mentioned before, sometimes the classes aren't reset for things like HTM, HTML, SHTHML, and so on.  Windows has Registry settings for all of those that tell it what browser to use by default. They are profile based settings.  Chrome's manual removal method does not fix these and Google's help file made no mention of them (last I read it, over a year ago).  The attached procedure simply deletes the registry keys if they exist.  Windows will automatically re-create them with IE set as the default if they are found to be missing when called upon.

    You know your installation base better than me.  For our setup, it paid to have the procedures separated.  You can always customize the procedures to be an all in one solution, or to edit out the .reg file push.  Since the required methods are already sorted out for you here it probably wouldn't take very long.