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Schedule a procedure to run at EXACT intervals

  • Hi

    I want to schedule a recurring task to run at EXACTLY 00 and 30 minutes past the hour.  This procedure has a 10 seconds pause inside it. 

    The problem is that I am not able to do it in Kaseya no matter what I try.  I see the option to do it every "30 minutes" but I lose 3 or 4 minutes every day so instead of having the task run at for example 7:00; it runs at 7:05!!!.

    Can you tell me what I need to do to have the recurring procedure run exactly at the specified time?


  • Are you using a 0 minute distribution window on the scheduling?

  • Yes.

    The distribution is 0 minutes so that is not it.  I have already lost 9 minutes in the past 20 hours :-(

  • Wouldn't this be influenced by the agent check in period?

  • I checked that and it is like all our other servers.  Values haven't been changed from default

  • All Kaseya procedures have a variance of about 30-60 seconds or depending on your check-in time and then there is network latency, processor and IO time to all take in consideration. You also have to keep in mind that other procedures scheduled before the one that you want to run on time will need to complete first so if you need something more precise why don't you use the Windows Task Scheduler?

    You can create a Kaseya procedure to schedule the command to run using Windows Task Scheduler using the AT command, just make sure to schedule the task say 10-15min before you need the job to run to ensure that it will be scheduled in time.

    Also note that you have set this thread as a discussion rather then a question, which means I'm unable to suggest this comment as an answer to your problem :P

  • Thank you so much for all your responses.

    yes.  it turns out that it CANNOT be done.  I tried very basic scripts and I still lost seconds off of them that can add up to minutes over time.

    You guys rock & happy new year 2 u all.


  • In the past I was able to schedule a single script to run multiple times at specific offsets.  This would give you a little finer control on this.  haven't done it in a while however.

    For example.

    Script #1  The scheduler you would run at 8 AM.

    Step #1 Execute Script #2 don't wait for competion.

    Step #2 Execute Script #2 after 30 minutes

    Step #3 Execute Script #2 after 60 minutes


    When you look at the machine, you'll see the same script #2 scheduled for multiple times during the day and they should all remain pretty much 30 minutes apart.  When they run is actually going to depend on if other tasks are running at that same time as mentioned above.

  • hmmmm

    Gotta try this.  Thank you so much "ispire" for the tip.