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Agent Procedure for automated silent uninstall of PDF Complete

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Does anybody have a script or can tell me how to write one that will uninstall PDF Complete via an Agent Procedure? I'm new to writing scripts and Agent Procedures. Thanks for your help!!

I have found an uninstall command that has worked in command prompt, but when I try to run it as an Agent Procedure, the Procedure reports that it is successful, but it does not uninstall the PDF complete application.

The code I have found for uninstalling PDF complete is: C:\Program Files\PDF Complete\pdfiutil.exe /ugui

I am testing the Agent Procedure on my PC, I have local admin rights on my PC, I have granted the System account local admin rights. I am running a Windows 7 PC 32 Bit

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  • Hi,

    Two options to try here. First, try using the 'execute file' option in the script, and make sure you put the command and switches in the seperate boxes.

    If that does not work, try the "Execute Shell Command" option and put the entire command in the one box. Be sure to put that path and exe file inside speech marks.

    As for the script completing, it will. The success or failure of the script does not determine what the command has done. It simple runs it and moves on. Script failures will generaly be more for kaseya failures, such as using a variable that you have not specified etc.



  • I use:

    "%ProgramFiles%\PDF Complete\uninstall.exe" /S

    The S is uppercase.