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Anymore Antivirus Removal Scripts?

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I know we've got the Symantec Antivirus/Endpoint Protection v8 - 11 agent procedure removal (I can post it here if anyone wants it), but there's so many more antiviruses that we need to make scripts for!


Here's a list I'm working on:

Symantec Endpoint Protection v12

Sunbelt Software

Kaspersky Internet Security 2011

Panda Security


Does anyone have any to contribute? :) If you already have one of the above, please post it. Thanks.

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  • Thanks. I will give it a try.

  • After uploading the script and the files and attempting to run the script it stops at "Script Summary: Failed THEN in step 5" which looks like the creation of a variable UKEY and store file content. Any idea why it would fail there?

  • We're thinking of moving away from eTrust ITM 8.1 once KAV gets server agents sorted. Would be good if anyone has an eTrust ITM and Agent uninstall procedure for me to take a look at to prepare! :)


  • Procedure Trend Micro OfficeScan Uninstall-1.zip

    Here's our Trend Micro Worry Free removal script. It works nearly 100% of the time provided the machines are rebooted first. Our usual process is:

    1) Schedule a reboot script on all applicable machines overnight (skip if offline).

    2) Schedule the Trend Micro script to run an hour later (no skip).

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  • Hi dnessel,

    I think the reason its failing is because there is no file sym_reg_key.txt in your agent working directory. This might be because you don't have the 2 files Regfind.exe and SymantecReg.vbs in the correct locations on VSAShared. On a machine you ran it on is there a text file? If not put those files on the machine, manually run as cscript #TEMP#\SymantecReg.vbs //B and see if it works.

    One flaw could be if your agent working directory has a space in it. If it does then use cscript "#TEMP#\SymantecReg.vbs" //B in the 4th step.

  • Lingario.

    There was not a .txt file on the agent working directory so I manually put the two files in the working directory. I was already running cscript #TEMP#\SymantecReg.vbs //B in the 4th step. I had earlier received the error on the fourth step and realized I had an issue with the location of the file so I fixed it then, but I manually moved them to the PC to test it that way. Same results. "script summary: failed THEN in step 8"