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How do I distribute correctly

  • Hey Guys,


    I have written a script that i only wish to run once a month against all my desktop agents. I would like them all to run randomly through the month but only once a month each.


    When I go to schedule the procedure I select the machines I want then select monthly starting with the first day of the month with a 30 day distribution window. I click Schedule but it only schedules them for the first of next month and the first of the month after.


    I wants to see 1 run on the first, 1 run on the 2nd, 1 run on the 3rd .....

    Same thing if i go weekly, My distribution only seems to work if i do say an 8 hour one scheduled on a day.

    Anyone know how to get the distribution window to work for more than 1 day?

  • I tried setting a monthly with a thirty day distribution window and it appeared to schedule one machine every day.

  • Looks like it is something wrong with my kaseya install. Have built another test server and you are right it works fine on that. Sorry about this guys.