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Adding Patch Scan results to Script Log

  • Does anyone know how to make the Patch Scan (that I have running for each machine) write meaningful success messages in the Script Log? Something like, "Patch Scan Run Successfully".

    The reason I ask is that I want to add number of Patch Scan's into one on my reports, but there is nothing that I can get the report to search on as he patch entries in the Script log are too generic.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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  • Maclean,

    Here is a thought (although I didn't take the time to test it myself)...

    - go to Reports, then Exec Summary Report
    - click the Change Rows button
    - add a new row
    - enter the title you desire (such as "Patch Scans Completed")
    - For Row Type, schoose script log
    - Leave Search Item as All Scripts
    - for Search Filtler, enter *WUA Patch Scan 1*
    - Apply
    - Save

    Looking through my Script logs, it seems that "WUA Patch Scan 1 (x86)" or ""WUA Patch Scan 1 (x64)" are the last log entries for a completed patch scan. This *should* catch both of them.

    Again, just an idea. Others may have a better suggestion.


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  • Thanks for the advice. Great minds obviously work alike, as I had tried a similar method to this myself. Sadly, I can't quite get it to work.

    Here's why:

    This is a sample entry in the Script Log that I want to find, using a search filter in a report.
    9:03:02 am 2-Mar-09 WUA Patch Scan 1 (x86) *System*
    Script Summary: Success THEN

    The trouble is that the search filter reads the body of the log entries, not the title. By the body, I mean the part that reads "Script Summary: Success THEN" in the above example.

    Unfortunately, this is too generic a message to use in the search filter, as every script uses it.

    If I could change the patch scan script to add a custom Script Log entry, I'd be fine, but I cannot see where I can change the patch scan scripts.

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