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Spybot reporting

  • I notice after setting up the Spybot scans that all systems were coming back clean. Which was odd since I tested the scanner on a box with crap on it. I looked at the reporting side of the script and it looking for a text file called fixes.txt, if exisit then you had something cleaned. Looking at client I found that spybot is naming the file with a date extention on it. (fixes041207.txt)

    My question is can we use a wild card in script (fixes*.txt) or does some one have a method to capture date and build filename to look for after scans.

    If anyone else has a suggestion on this I'm all ears. Using Spybot1.4


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  • There is a setting within Spybot to stamp the log files with the time/date.

    You want to turn this feature off, that way it will only create a single fixed.txt file.

    Make sure that you dont append the information either...overwrite the file each time the scan runs.

    Also...you need to run Spybot in Advanced mode to be able to see these settings.

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