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How is Kaseya preparing for Flash being disabled in Chrome in July 2019

  • You pay for Service Desk? We were never charged for it at least on a basic level ... It was originally supposed to be charged for along with Service Billing, but a reverse course was changed at one point in time and the module was given as free as part of the "CORE" - or at least that was how we got those 2 modules ... Not that Service Billing ever worked reliably either ...

  • We certainly paid quite a lot for service desk, between implementation and technician licenses over the years.  We recently switched to BMS, and in most respects it's a much superior product, but I 100% agree with the feeling that Kaseya constantly introduces new modules that aren't part of the core and require all new investments.  Or things like BUDR.  We have a few customers that were still using BUDR, only now it's broken, support says it's an end of life product and they're not going to fix it.  They just want to switch you to the unitrends platform (for additional cost of course).  If you're not going to fix the product I already have, then why are we still being charged maintenance fees???

  • Hello Tom,

    Well when we purchased Kaseya the whole thing was quoted with "Service Desk" as an additional line so I am not sure if we would pay "less" if we removed Service Desk from our system (definitely license is separate).


    we never went for other "additional' modules for that precise reason but also

    because those modules for backup, antivirus and so on were "baby version" of their full feature version of their "original" counterparts.

    We use Veeam and Symantec and the modules in Kaseya never reached the level of power those native module can do (then kaseya moved to kaspersky I think and after I don't know, I stopped following...).

    If you consider it is about 15+ years we are waiting for an efficient Remote Control system, can you imagine how long one would have to wait to get for example a new feature in the Antivirus Module?

    It is understanding why Kaseya went in partnership (focus on integration, leave development to partner) but again, partnership are dodgy.. when they are over (or there's a better deal), the client module investment is lost and have to invest in something else completely out of own control.

    Probably now that Kaseya has Unitrends as owners, the backup module will be there "to stay" which is a good thing (but too late for us)

    For us, it is all about the CORE features: Remote access, scripting, asset management and Ticketing.

    Unfortunately 1 out of 4 of those CORE features isn't great and 1 is discontinued :-(

    Let's hope this new update removing Flash makes "scripting" more entertaining at least and the unified Service Desk interface (from Client Side) a better / faster / lighter experience (it takes forever now to open a ticket).