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How is Kaseya preparing for Flash being disabled in Chrome in July 2019

  • fixing core issues usualy indicates a product that is not ready for production and as such I should not be paying for it.

  • when is the update coming?

  • wasn't it supposed to be last week or this week?

  • "This patch is scheduled to be released on SaaS first at the end of the month or the middle of next month. Here are the details:" is what I got in an email from our Rep in February..

  • I heard a few days ago that it was supposed to be ready, but some issues were discovered in testing, so the release needed to be postponed. Quality controle caught it before it became our problem, which is to their credit....

  • Thanks OudjesEric,

    While one gives credit for not releasing broken things,

    It would be nice to have some regular official updates.

    We get bits and pieces of information from clients when we should really hear from the Company that makes the product.

    Last official communication was "September"... we are in March.


  • This is expected in our next update.  We were targeting Feb but were forced to hold and resolving some things that QA found in the overall patch.  The process is very active and as soon as it clears all approvals, it will ship to SaaS in the following Saturday maintenance window.  If all lights stay green there, onPrem will follow soon after.  I have used the new editor, I think most of you will find it worth the wait

  • This has always been the issue with Kaseya from Day One ... Next to NOTHING in communications regarding updates and fixes, etc.  The best they ever did was a few years back for a few months, when they said NOTHING is being released for a few months and they did exactly that .... Now go clean up the soda you just spit out of your mouth from laughing too hard!

  • We can always communicate more and better as an organization.  In consistent effort, we discuss some of our vision within the product roadmap webinars:



    As for .26 release which includes our AP Editor 2.0 and a lot of other features and changes, as mentioned we are ensuring our testing delivers a quality release.  We have made great progress the last 48 hours and will have more information next week.

  • Service desk also uses flash. Will this also be updated?

  • There are a number of places that apparently still use flash to some extent... Found the other day when it flashed on the screen momentarily that flash is used somewhere along the line in the view definition screen....

  • Oscar - it was just an observation over time since we have been with Kaseya for a VERY long time that overall thru the years Kaseya has been horrible at communicating, very little transparency to the customers. There have always been spurts where once the complaining got loud enough that the communication was given and every got happy for a few months.  

    Overall, I am not completely displeased with Kaseya - just disappointed in some of the choices and directions that Kaseya has taken ... Like abandoning products (modules) that never really even got off the ground in favor of a more recent acquisition ... Service Desk/Service Billing to BMS comes to mind here ... perfectly good products that were dumped for a product that can now be billed for and abandoned without hope for updates anymore ... It is understood that time marches on and products go obsolete, but Service Desk and Billing were hardly given anything to begin with before being thrown away, and they could have been very good given time and effort ...

    Then there's the products like Software Management - the concept has been good, but the implementation requires a lot more 'finesse' than it is getting ... Patch Management needs to be replaced going forward, but Software Management is so horrible in it's implementation that no one can truly use it without crippling their operations. SM needs to be rethought, and the strategy Kaseya is taking is not friendly for the users, it's more about making more money from products we already have in the core that get replaced by acquisitions ... The unfortunate thing is there is no other product on the market that does everything that Kaseya is capable of doing and we have grown dependent on the single pane of glass and get upset when we have to use another outside product to the job that Kaseya should have done correctly all along.

  • For all they hype about a single pain of glass etc this is important because we are told it is. but if you stop and truly ask yourself what it is you need. You will realise that all you need is a good remote control product. Screenconnect is the best.  a Patch Management produce. Still deciding on this one but there are good options. a monitoring solution that works in such a way as to not SPAM you. and a control solution that functions correctly to maintain the health and wellness of your systems without killing them. and a good audit solution with reporting that works and is customiazable. and Anti Virus that works without killing the computer.

    Kaseya does not meat any of the above needs as well as many individual products and is way over priced. and whenever you want to get more usability or complain about lack of functionality you are told you must spend more to get it.

    Kasey could take the lead and provide a solution that has everything in one product for a low affordable price. and as such would dominate the market completly but sadly we have CPA's and Business people that stand in the way.

  • We also use the scripting portion of Kaseya, but yes you are right Andrew ... Individually there is a lot of better INDIVIDUAL products out there, but that UNICORN that Kaseya originally was and no longer is ... is what we are still hoping for ... There are a lot of new products coming down the pipeline that are getting closer and closer to that status ...

  • Tom:

    Totally agree on the points you made.

    Remote Control has been (and still is) one of the weakest point of Kaseya and that is such a key CORE element any RMM system should have.

    A modern Remote Control tool should have (as minimum)

    A) Ability to work quickly in degraded bandwidth environment (low bandwidth high latency). By reducing screen colors, remove background, optimize protocol (or use the RDP protocol). There's even open source doing this such as Guacamole that also provide an HTML5 interface so one could take remote control of a device over a mobile phone.

    B) Good Clipboard support for File Transfer, Text. FAST (may be compressing before transferring on the fly)

    C) Ability to remote a machine via VPro connectivity.

    D) Good Multiple monitors support with the ability to display all in one screen and drag between screens (on top of switching between screen if someone wished to save on bandwidth requirements)

    E) Maintain all features we have in Live Connect today (Shared / Private, SSH, Powershell, CMD, 1Click etc..)

    F) Be developed with something that does not make your PC fly with the fan spinning at 3003440 RPM x second (now it does at least on my PC whenever I open Live Connect)

    Today we still miss on A), B), C), D) and F)

    Ticketing replaced with Service Desk replaced with BMS (but we are still been charged for Service Desk) and yes it still works but it is sad to see he does not receive "love" any longer.

    I think if you had purchased Service Desk and Kaseya decided to move away from it you should be offered a free migration over the new module and then they could easily phase out the previous module that for whatever reason kaseya decided it was not part of their strategy. The new modules should always superseed in term of functionality the module being phased out.

    It would also eliminate extra development to continue to test and maintain obsolete modules while getting a larger user base for the new and improved module.

    And how about Monitoring replaced with KNM replaced with Traverse?

    In the end, what happens is that customers lose faith in ANY of the new modules that come up (like us) and decide outright to not even think investing in additional modules besides CORE (because they will be dropped without a clear upgrade path).

    I would love to do monitoring using Kaseya but as it stands I had to move over Passler because I know the product will continue to be developed for many years to come which is something I can't say for what we have now in Kaseya.

    I don't want to sound too harsh, we still use Kaseya and like the parts that work but since we are many voicing those issues since many years, one at least would like to know what is the official response so we stop been vocal about it.

    Is there any plan to make Remote Control be at least on par with competition? <yes/no>

    In alternative is integration with working Remote Controls (Screenconnect / Teamviewer) a hope for the future? <yes / no>

    Is there any plan to review this wild module replacement spree? <yes / no>

    I never got an official answer for any of that, so until then (or until I try something I like more than Kaseya) I keep voicing constructive concerns.