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How is Kaseya preparing for Flash being disabled in Chrome in July 2019

  •  :)  

  • To piggyback what mentioned - we are currently on schedule following the release of the next VSA patch.

  •  - What can I say, I'm an optimist!

  • and when is the next VSA patch to be released?

  • Based on current phased scheduling from research and development: End of September.

  • Does this goes for ALL kaseya products, like traverse, AuthAnvil etc?

  • Looks like the "unofficial" expectation was not realized.  Flash is still required for the procedure editor in :(

  • We're testing the non-Flash editor now (on .24) in our Dev environment. It's an alpha release and changing rapidly. I can say - WOW, it displays quickly in the View Source tab and loads into the editor in 1-2 seconds. A few quirks at this stage, but to be expected for alpha state. Otherwise, I think everyone will be happy with the results.