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How is Kaseya preparing for Flash being disabled in Chrome in July 2019

  •  :)  

  • To piggyback what mentioned - we are currently on schedule following the release of the next VSA patch.

  •  - What can I say, I'm an optimist!

  • and when is the next VSA patch to be released?

  • Based on current phased scheduling from research and development: End of September.

  • Does this goes for ALL kaseya products, like traverse, AuthAnvil etc?

  • Looks like the "unofficial" expectation was not realized.  Flash is still required for the procedure editor in :(

  • We're testing the non-Flash editor now (on .24) in our Dev environment. It's an alpha release and changing rapidly. I can say - WOW, it displays quickly in the View Source tab and loads into the editor in 1-2 seconds. A few quirks at this stage, but to be expected for alpha state. Otherwise, I think everyone will be happy with the results.


  • Here we are at, in 2020, using flash.

  • Rumor is it's in patch .26, by reading the tea leaves (i.e. educated guess), I'm expecting that patch by month end.

  • At Connect Local in Los Angeles a couple of weeks ago it was mentioned that it's in the next patch which should be at the end of the month/beginning of March.  So "soon" is on the horizon.

  • The solution architect at my local Connect verified that it is "100%" in .26 patch.  I pressed him on the matter, and the he made it certain, in front of the audience, that the HTML5 editor is guaranteed in this .26 release.

  • Our Rep emailed this out this morning:

    This patch is scheduled to be released on SaaS first at the end of the month or the middle of next month. Here are the details:

    For the upcoming release, the Procedure Editors have been modernized and revitalized.  With brand new functionality like Auto-Save, Dark and Light Modes, Enhanced Copy and Paste functionality, Multi-tabbed Editing, a new Quick Action toolbar, increased performance along with many more usability improvements.  

    We also have exciting Software Management enhancements in this release. Software Management can now leverage native Windows patching functionality to deploy Windows operating system patches.  You can configure Windows Update Settings in VSA and use VSA to control how Windows will manage its own patching process to update itself. VSA will also enforce the Windows configuration settings you configure by automatically reverting them if a local admin makes changes.

    Also highly anticipated is our new, 64bit VSA Agent. Version one of this agent will bring VSA support to macOS 64bit editions, including Catalina, and "Phase 1" of this agent is scheduled to be released with This first version will be available to everyone and will support Agent Status, Remote Control, and a lightweight Audit (information like CPU architecture, network info, OS info, and user info).

    I forgot about the dark mode which was in use at the Local event.

  • I am on using chrome and can edit procedure just fine. Need to adjust settings in chrome