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Workaround for Agent Procedure Approval Process

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Our IT Department has grown in the last few years, and we now have more people in the VSA leveraging various features like Agent Procedures, Audit, ServiceDesk, etc

One issue we are finding is that Kaseya will only allow you to have 5 Master roles, those are already assigned, including to myself as I manage the system

Some of our PC techs are getting into building agent procedures but every time they save a procedure, it has to be manually approved by a different user,they can never approve their own

Quite frankly, we dont have the time to be waiting around for another staff member to go in and approve someone elses procedures. They are expected to test and run procedures at the drop of a hat if needed, and this entire process is cumbersome. Its also not as if once a procedure is approved they are all set. If even one single character in the procedure is changed or modified it has to be re-approved

As a master role user my scripts get approved automatically, but I dont have enough of those to go around and even if I did, there are many functions the Master role has I would not want to give out to some of these users

With the amount of money we spend yearly and the fact we manage and maintain this on-premise solution, is there ANY kind of workaround to automate this process? its a huge bottleneck for our PC techs and its frustrating having many come to me throughout the day to go and approve their procedures because they added one extra line or made a change


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  • One thing I had thought of was having them build the procedures in their own custom user folder (aka private) and do all the testing and changes there, thinking it wouldnt require approval, then when ready they could move it to shared script folder and only need approval once

    but you still cant run the script against any agents even if the script is in your private folder

  • you could turn off agent procedure signing and they would not to be approved.. We are in the same boat but we don't want every technician creating procedures either.

  • Interesting, didnt know that was an option! any documentation on how to do that? That sounds like it would work since only 1 role I built even has access to the agent procedures tab, so its not like it would suddenly allow anyone with a VSA account to start making them

  • It would be under system preferences, look for Agent procedure signing.

  • Before I took over as NOC Manager, we had 5 engineers with Master rights and everyone was doing their own procedures. It was an absolute mess!

    We now require procedure review and approval before we allow a procedure to be used, and NOBODY has personal procedures. Our procedures are now all documented, commented, and use consistent logic methods. All procedures also have to be tested against a dev environment before one of the managers approves the procedure.

    Only one person has access to the Master account, and nobody has Master role/scope. The Management roles can't manage agents, only VSA.

    It sounds rough, but we have had virtually ZERO issues this way, compared to the nightmare we had before, and procedures don't cause customer issues due to the testing and review process.


  • There actually isn't any restriction on the master role specifically. (unless im grandfathered into something) The 5 user limit we run into is when the Service Admin Role is added the master admin role.  If you are not using service desk, you can remove this role. Or what we do is have a seperate role for service admin and when I need to do something in service desk just switch to that role to get it done.