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Anyone use a procedure to detect software or and delete it?

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I'm specifically looking for remote connect apps like Bomgar, Aammyy, LMI rescue, WebEx, etc. Basically just want to use Kaseya to look through every night and remove this junk from endpoints. Suggestions?


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  • I could implement this pretty easily with our current tool set.

    1. Configure the daily audit to detect those tools. This updates the agent's Roles field.

    2. Use the role data with our Daily Maintenance - the Maintenance configuration allows role-specific commands. This would directly execute uninstallers when Maint ran. If the removal required a reboot, I'd add them into the "after hours" set of tasks.

    3. Grab a beer!

    The Audit tool is highly configurable and can detect any system role, feature, application, or service. This is how we automatically deploy/remove monitor sets. The maintenance tool runs daily and supports the ability to run a task based on a detected role. The default configuration runs Audit after Maintenance, but that's easy to reverse, allowing detection and removal to occur within a 20 minute window with a single procedure call from Kaseya. Maintenance has two cycles from the same procedure - one immediate and the other after-hours, and any maintenance task can reboot the system and it will pick up where it left off after the restart.