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Script to set default mail client to outlook

  • Now that we've moved to Kaseya, our clients have to create a ticket by right clicking on the Kaseya icon and basically open their email client... They are not used to that from our previous Labtech agent that was there.   We are getting a large number of people saying the agent doesn't work because when they click to create a ticket it opens the default windows 10 email program and not outlook.

    I've googled around to see if there was a way to set that default app without going into the control panel (via cmd prompt or powershell), but can't find anything.

    Has anyone else been experiencing this?   Any ideas? 



  • I've got a similar issue with a different file type and ran across this: www.tenforums.com/.../8744-export-import-default-app-associations-new-users-windows.html

    I haven't tried it yet but from what I read somewhere else is that you can then edit that .xml file to select which program associations you want to set and then distribute it.  By this logic you could edit the .xml and create a procedure to machines.  We're looking at using it when we deploy machines  from an Acronis image so in our case it'll become part of our initial setup procedure.

  • That's a neat trick.  I'll try it out. Thanks!

  • Let me know if it works, this way I can pass the info on to my co-worker who handles the imaging and I can let him know what initial scripts he needs to run.  It'll be a great time saver!

  • Oops I found an issue on Microsoft's side that could cause an error when trying to export that .xml.  social.technet.microsoft.com/.../the-current-user-associations-could-not-be-exported-to-file-error-0x80004002

    One of the solutions listed in the thread is to install the May 21, 2018 — KB4103714.  I'm trying that right now to see if it solves the issue with generating the file.

  • Jksanfor,

    How you able to make the Kaseya agent prompt to send an email in the first place?

  • HI Chase,

    In my Policy I have created for all agents, I checked the Company URL Menu button, labeled it Contact Support and in the URL put mailto:support@domain.com   This lets them open an email to send us a ticket from the agent.