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How best to handle a stolen computer

  • Hi Guys,

    this has been asked time and again but I dont see anything recent.

    Do you have or use a script that you deploy to stolen computers?

    I'd be interested to know how you all utilise Kaseya to basically track or immobilise a machine.

    would you mind sharing your scripts?

    thanks :)

  • We had a stolen computer recovered by providing information to the police.

    First thing we did was create an agent online notification to text a couple people.

    Next we scheduled a Procedure to delete the user's profile (and data), enable the Guest account, and remove the passwords on the remaining accounts. We also hid the agent icon from the system tray.

    The thief started using the machine since he was able to log in. We watched and collected data, such as Facebook username, e-mail address, etc. We kept passing info to the police. Within a couple of weeks, the thief ordered something online and boom....an actual address. The police went and retrieved the laptop, we wipe it and reload it, and user has laptop back.

    We've had a couple other cases that we weren't so lucky. Similar procedure, but the machine never comes back online or it is only briefly online.

  • Our man has created a script pack in our exchange.

    Check it out!


  • Hi Oscar,

    This is spot on. I've downloaded the scripts and tested and it's great for info gathering. All scripts work (Haven't tried Mac scripts).

    I think I need to start looking at how we disable the computer once we've gathered the information.